4 | Promises of God | Your Steps are Ordered

Growing up in a Southern Baptist church my mom would always sing this song called “Order My Steps”. She would sing it literally all the time (hey mom) and as a child, I remember thinking “wow, mom really likes this song…” … More 4 | Promises of God | Your Steps are Ordered


Are you Weary?

Three days after my last post I woke up to news that shook my world. It’s not something that can be easily explained or understood but it has put me on a path that is leading me closer to God and because of this I have hope for the future. … More Are you Weary?

Forgiveness is no joke. It’s not easy at all but when you can gather the courage to forgive yourself and others you open the doors which help you create a better and brighter future. Love this podcast, which really gets to the heart of empathy, forgiveness and entrepreneurship.