Am I drinking it Right?: How to choose drinking water

I was at the grocery store this past weekend with the hopes of picking up a few things and since I was fortunate enough to be sans kids I decided to take a little more time to do things than usual.

Once I got to the water aisle I decided to take some time to go through each option, in an effort to make the best and most informed choice. This is atypical for me because as I said earlier, children don’t really give you a lot of space to take notes and or think about which water to get.

Since this is the case I typically make the choice by expense and my internal dialogue often goes something like this:

Distilled water is the cheapest and therefore the worst. Evian, is at one point was, the most expensive so that’s out…but Spring water is right in the middle so I’ll go with that. Yeah I’ll go with that

And then I move right along. However, in the spirit of Maxine Waters (just realized the irony of this statement ), this weekend I reclaimed my time and wrote down all the different types of water I saw:

⁃ Distilled water

⁃ Natural spring water

⁃ Electrolyte water

⁃ Pure stream distilled

⁃ Natural artesian water

⁃ Nutrient enhanced perfect pH water

⁃ Purified water

⁃ Volcanic water

⁃ Alkaline water

⁃ Unbottled purified water

⁃ Spring water with added fluoride

⁃ Vapor distilled water and electrolytes for taste


That’s 12 seemingly different types of water which is pretty intense. I wanted to get to the bottom of this so I’d have a better understanding moving forward, and found this simple graphic to break things down. There are really two primary choices: Spring & Distilled. Check it out below!

In short:

  1. Purified and/or distilled water are derivatives of spring water, which comes from an underground aquifer.
  2. Both Spring and distilled go through a filtration process. (So distilled water is still considered a purified water.)
  3. Spring water goes through a more gentle purification process in order to maintain natural minerals and contaminants that are considered advantageous.

I look forward to understanding the other types in greater detail in the future 😊

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