Sustain: Launder With Care

As I make my way through my closets and begin the long process of mindful organizing and downsizing I am reminded that simply tossing things out only contributes to our global waste conundrum (check out John Olivers Episode on fast fashion for a closer look at the issue). So to avoid adding to this problem, any more than I have already, I am attempting to sell a large number of my clothes, as opposed to simply donating them.

I’m currently selling on Poshmark which has been super fun because it allows me to pseudo-run my own fashion boutique with items specifically curated by me. Many of the items I’ve already sold have not required dry cleaning so a simple wash and flat dry has been my main mode of preparation. However, as I’m preparing to list items that have that dreaded “Dry Clean Only” label I began to think about the fact that the process of Dry Cleaning is not terribly eco/environmentally friendly. Since I was inspired to downsize as a way to better care for the environment and for the global community, I am challenging myself to carry the eco-friendly/ eco-centric mindset throughout the entire selling process.

Therefore, I’m currently in the process of researching eco-friendly and non-toxic methods of caring for items that are dry clean only items. I’ll be testing out a couple of these methods this weekend and will be back to discuss the method that I’ll be moving forward with for my boutique. In the meantime check out the links below if you’re interested in learning more about Fast Fashion, or Toxic Dry Cleaning. And let me know how you care for your clothes with the environment in mind!

Fast Fashion
Fast Fashion’s Effect on People, The Planet, & You | Patrick Woodyard | TEDxUniversityofMississippi
The High Cost of Our Cheap Fashion | Maxine Bédat | TEDxPiscataquaRiver
Fashion: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
Traditional Dry Cleaning
9 Step – Five-Point Inspection Of Our Dry Cleaning Process | Link
How Do Dry Cleaners Clean Clothing | Link
Health and safety in the dry cleaning industry | Link
Is Dry Cleaning Bad for the Environment? | Green Living


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