Episode 21. I’m So Scared Zach!

Jessie Spano was preaching to the choir of my adolescent self when she proclaimed, “there’s never any time!”

As an ambitious individual who happens to be a mother and a wife I often pulled in multiple directions. In my average day I am trying to manage working out, eating right, caring for my family, working a full time job and trying to contribute to several passion projects, volunteer at my church, be a good friend, and moisturize. So Jessie’s high school test prepping, college application having, girl group leading, AC Slater kissing self is very VERY different from my life, I feel her pain of trying to do everything right perfectly and truly feeling like there’s never anytime.

Yesterday was day 21/21. The end of my consistency challenge and I didn’t workout until 12:00am of day 22. The reason being, you ask? I was washing dishes and preparing lunches for later on and simply ran out of time.

So I did complete 15 mins of arms but I feel like I’d do myself a world of good to extend my challenge another 21 days. During the next 21 days I’m going to do a better job of hydrating and focus on resale doing all workouts with intention and precision.

I have seen a small change in my arms and legs and I know that modifying my diet will really kick those physical changes into high gear so I’m really excited to see where I’ll be in the new year!

I’ve just got to continue to, in the words of Saved By the Bell’s resident girl group, Hot Sundae, “Put my mind to it, go for it…” Because ‘you ain’t seen nothing yet’!

Day 21 ✅

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