Episode 20. Why is This Still Hard?!

I began this journey with the goal of spending 21 days consistently working out (allowing for 1 rest day every seven days)…and expecting a full change in the way I approach/ follow-through with health and wellness routines. My only real measurement is an ✅ for complete or an ❎ for incomplete because i needed consistency and discipline more than I need to loose 50 lbs. And also because consistency and discipline are paramount to success in life.

Apparently, science suggests that 21 days of any behavior creates lasting change and before I started this journey I blindly agreed. But as day 20 of 21 comes to a close I am going to have to subjectively disagree.

As of today I don’t feel as though tomorrow will bring a miraculous revelation in which I’ll wake up and profess.

I will never be sedentary again!

Not that I want to be sedentary, ever, but given that today was such a struggle I just don’t anticipate a noticeable/ dramatic change in thinking happening in the morning… but I won’t speak too soon…


I pushed through TAM Glutes (15 min) + TAM Abs (10 min)

Day 20 ✅

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