Episode 15. Sometimes a Girl Needs a Break

The past two days have been really hard for me and I’ve been going through life under a constant cloud of sadness and despair. 

What do you do when you’re on this wellness journey and you’re having difficult mental days? 

For me my day 1 and day 2 answers looked completely different and the versatility in response IMO show that wellness is not one size fits all AND it shows that what helps you find balance and peace on one day may not help on another day. Therefore, my suggestion to anyone who finds themself having a bad day while on the journey to wellness is to:

  1. Honor their feelings in the moment
  2. Confront those feelings when the moment has passed 
  3. Make a plan that will act as a roadmap to guide you to sunnier days

Bonus: Seek outside help if you need it. Challenges in Mental health should be listened to and respected just as you would if you had a cold or an ailment in any other area of your physical body. 
As for my workout today, I did 25 mins of TA arms and will end my evening with meditation and gentle yoga.

Day 15 ✅

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