Episode 12. Scrolling Doesn’t Burn Calories 

Why is it that within the first 10 mins of waking up in the morning I have my phone in my hand mindlessly scrolling social media? What am I looking for? What meaningful could have seriously happened in the 6 hours since I was last scrolling as if my life depended on it? 

The Answer: Probably nothing but on the off chance that something did I want to be in the know. On most days nothing happens that requires me to be constantly glued to my phone. Although clicking a computer mouse burns about 1.42 calories (per click), I don’t think I can itemize my instagram consumption as aerobic activity. 

With that said I spent 40 MINS on social media prior to my workout. (On the other hand if I scrolled at a rate of 40 spm/ scrolls per minute, AND I assume that a single scroll burns the same amount of calories as a mouse click then I just burned 2,272 calories scrolling.

40 scrolls per min x 1.42 calories per scroll = 56.8 calories per min

56.8 calories per min x 40 mins = 2272 calories 

 Which means I’m actually winning right now….


Ok yea so I know something’s gotta change fam, ok?! I’m going to work on it. But in other news I completed another day of TAM arms and legs. So day 12 ✅

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