Episode 1. Pick Your Poison 

My goal right now is to work out 6 days a week and my work out of choice is the Tracy Anderson Method (TAM). 

I first found out about Tracy Anderson a number of years ago but at the time I felt that a “real” workout included either running or lifting heavy weights and as I’ve learned Tracey Anderson doesn’t subscribe to those beliefs. 

Tracy’s celebrity clients include Nicole Ritchie and Gwenth Paltrow, and while I think they are both beautiful women I don’t strive to have a body that looks like theirs. However, earlier this year I realized she works with Tracee Ellis Ross (pictured below) and I began realizing that the TAM could be a program that might help me achieve the results I’m interested in. Although, to be honest I’m a bit skeptical about how effective her program will be on someone who, like me, has a substantial amount of weight to lose.

She has an awesome website where you can purchase her products and I used the product descriptions there to figure out which videos would best help me meet my goals. She has a series called Metamorphosis but it’s close to $100. Which is quite an investment so my plan is to start with one of her older videos (read: cheaper) and be consistent with that before I make the larger investment because there’s nothing more annoying then buying equipment or an exercise plan that that you use for 2 weeks and then discard.

The video I’m starting with is called Precision Toning and it consists of 15 min workouts which focus on arms, legs, glutes, and abs. 

On day 1 I tried to do the whole thing 🤦🏾‍♀️ which was super challenging. So today I just tried focusing on 2 sections at a time. My legs were and are extremely fatigued from day one so today I focused on arms and glutes. The realization of today is looks can be deceiving! This program seems super simple and honestly a lot of the movements appear to be very random, but trust me when I tell you THEY ARE NOT.  They exhaust you without warning so I remain skeptical but hopeful that this plan will be effective! 

Day 2 ✅

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