Bucket List Trips 2016-2017

If you can’t tell already I love to travel and take pictures. In my early twenties, I took at least one international trip each year and took many other trips within the continental US. However, as my day to day responsibilities grew, my devotion to traveling and photography had to take a back seat. Now that photography is resurging I have to make an effort to get back to being in environments that will allow me to take beautiful pictures.

Therefore, the following five places are on my bucket list for the next year. In the case of Canada and New York, I’ve already been but my trip to Canada was too short and it rained the whole time I was in New York so my pictures are very limited.  The others are places that I’ve always thought would be cool to visit or ones I have heard really good things about. Here’s hoping the pictures are awesome!

  1. Chicago, Illinois

    Chicago-IL 365data
    Photo Credi: 365 Data Centers
  2. New York City

    New York Skyline Time out mag
    Photo Credit: Time Out Magazine
  3. Canada (Toronto or Montreal)
    Photo Credit: Auberges de Jeunesse
    toronto red tag online
    Photo Credit: Redtag


  4. Ocean City, Maryland

    Kids on Beach-ocean city
    Photo Credit: Visit Maryland
  5. Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

    Photo Credit: Ed Heaton Photography

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