Photo Journal: Paris, France

Paris is one of those cities that I think everyone dreams of visiting, and I am no exception. I was fortunate to have a place right around the corner from a bridge that crossed the La Seine, which provided absolutely magical sunsets. The way the light hits the bridge and the water is definitely romantic and is an effect that can be seen throughout the whole city.

I was also very fortunate to be a short walk from Notre Dame Cathedral, I attended a service one Sunday, which was all in French (read: I didn’t understand anything). However, it was a really nice experience none-the-less.

Paris 4

Fun Fact, the next time you’re in Washington, DC look at the bridges and the buildings and you will see an uncanny architectural similarity! That is because DC was designed by Paris-born architect, Pierre Charles L’Enfant, so if you can’t swing the round trip airfare to Paris then take a trip to DC instead. And allow the city to transport you.

Paris 5 Paris 6

Paris 7

Paris 9

Luckily enough, my visit coincided with Bastille Day

A day that commemorates the beginning of the French Revolution with the Storming of the Bastille on 14 July 1789, and the unity of the French people at the Fête de la Fédération on 14 July 1790.

I’m not really sure of the traditional Bastille Day activities but there were fireworks at the Eiffel Tower once the sun went down. I’d share the video but It doesn’t do it justice. It’s really something that should be experienced so if you can plan your trip to coincide with July 14, then I’d definitely recommend doing so.

Unlike Venice, Paris is a place where you need about a month to really enjoy everything. Since I was working during my  trip two weeks really flew by. Around the end of my stay, I remembered that I wanted to visit the Louvre. So one afternoon I went to the museum with about 3 hours before it closed. That was nowhere near enough time to really appreciate all of the fine art but I was able to see the headliners and maybe sometime in the future I’ll be able to go back and thoroughly enjoy everything it has to offer.

Paris 12

The most famous portrait, The Mona Lisa, is kept behind glass and a velvet rope (likely due to the fact that it’s been stolen before) so all of my pictures are grainy and blur; and why you won’t see them in this post. This trip was prior to my knowledge of ISO, so hopefully my next visit will yield better pictures!

Here are a couple other shots out and about around the city. I also visited the Palace of Versailles while I was in France but I’ll save those pictures for another post.

Paris 8Paris 3

Paris 16

Paris 15

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