Photo Journal: Venice, Italy

I’ve always enjoyed photography but over the past couple of years, I’ve begun making it more of a serious hobby. The pictures in this photo series were taken a couple of years ago on a trip to Venice, Italy. These photos were taken before I upgraded my camera but they are still some of my most cherished pictures.

Venice, in a word, was amazing. From the food to the architecture to the gondolas and water taxis. Everything about my trip was awesome. Venice is a collection of islands so these pictures are representative of my excursions.

One thing that I am noticing now, that I subconsciously noticed then, is the magnificent architecture of the buildings. They tell stories and seem to suggest personality all on their own. The building on the water seems to represent opulence, whereas the church on land seems to be suggesting more reverence. Equally as stunning but a bit more subdue and serious. It’s amazing what you notice in retrospect.

It addition to the religious landscape there is, understandably, a great deal of variation when it comes to boats and color. In a city where that is your only mode of transportation, you begin to see that some people are solely concerned about practicality while others prefer a bit more flash!

Venice 4

All in all, my time in Venice was lovely, I stayed about a week and while 2-3 more days would have been nice, one week was long enough for me. I look forward to going back sometime in the future and hope you enjoy the pictures.

Venice 5Venice 6Venice 7Venice 8Venice12 Venice 11


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