What Does it Mean to Dare Greatly?

If I had a spirit animal in my journey to creative entrepreneurship it would be Brené Brown. There is no coincidence that the creative inspiration this month is Daring Greatly. From the first time I listened to her TED Talk on the Power of Vulnerability, I have been drinking the Kool-aid. She has an effortless and effective way of presenting tips on how to move past fear and towards growth both personally and professionally and I have found her talks to be so helpful in my journey so far. I would encourage anyone looking for inspiration to start there.

While I love Brené Brown’s approach, she by no means created the idea of challenging yourself to strive for greatness, she has merely done the research on how to accomplish it. To me, Daring Greatly means ignoring my instinct to people please, understanding what makes me happy and  where my strengths are, and doing what it takes to make my dreams reality.  Below I have provided a resource that can help you on your own journey to creative self-discovery.

What does Daring Greatly mean to you?


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